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“Any writer, I suppose, feels that the world into which he was born is nothing less than a conspiracy against the cultivation of his talent.”

We’re accepting applications! Click here to tell us more about your vision! All experience levels  welcomed!

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

A revolution in publishing for creators of color

We highlight multicultural perspectives, stories, and voices that provide value to others.

Last Gen Publishing

We are a hybrid maverick proudly disrupting the traditional publishing model by amplifying voices from underrepresented communities. We’re not playing by the old rules — re-writing the algorithm and reshaping the narrative, by telling the stories of the unheard, under-appreciated, and unseen via books and multimedia.

Our Mission

We believe we are here because someone else was here before us ─ and that we are here for the people that will come after us. We believe that our stories, our wisdom, and our perspectives are our legacies. Too often and for too long, the stories of some have not been sought, supported or shared. Authors of color often have to work harder to get published, and the publishing and media industries lack diversity.

LastGen Publishing exists to champion the work of emerging talent who are undervalued by, overlooked by, or don’t have access to the commercial publishing world. We focus on publishing books and multimedia projects that are uplifting, motivational, informative, and practical, particularly for and by marginalized audiences.

Got a story to tell? Let us help you tell it.

How LGP Compares to Other Publishing Options

“Traditional” Publishing

  • A monopoly of 5 large publishing houses that are largely inaccessible but have the most extensive reach and sales.
  • Major focus on traditional books, not various forms of content and merchandise.
  • No guarantee of high-touch service.
  • Authors get the short end of the stick: selected content is significantly edited for the mass market, author royalties are limited to 10%, and robust promotion only occurs to established “best-sellers.”


  • Self-publishing is an increasingly popular way for modern creators to get their work out, but learning how to navigate this process takes time and energy, resources best spent creating.
  • No high-touch service provided – in fact, some people even go through the entire publishing process without ever talking to an actual person.
  • Higher royalties and creative control, come at the expense of higher upfront costs and low visibility.


  • A hybrid, independent publishing company that is selective (application required) yet accessible (all experience levels welcome, no agent required).
  • We offer a variety of paid services and royalty partnerships, all with holistic high-touch support from start to finish – all by and for people of color.
  • Our work with creators goes far beyond traditional books, including: e-books, podcasts, merchandise, speaking engagements, events, and more!

Bring your stories, keep your control

  • Book copyrights stay with the author
  • No literary agents required
  • Multiple options for creators, including paid services (full and ala cart) & royalty partnerships
  • High touch support from start to finish
  • More significant royalties: up to 60% for authors
  • No narrow-minded cultural gatekeeping: we don’t accept all book or media proposals, but we commit to serving a variety of topics, styles, and experience levels
  • More creative freedom: editors won’t dilute your message
  • Access to a collaborative community of creators of color to turn your vision into reality and get it to your audience

Get your vision into your customers’ hands

We bring content of all formats (digital, print, and audio) to market in a cost effective manner that has branding and sales benefits (credibility, co-marketing), financial benefits (upfront costs, economies of scale), and legal benefits (limited liability) for creators. We provide the necessary editing, design, marketing, production and distribution services but without the stuffiness and rigidity of traditional publishing.


Spread Love

Creating a work of art can feel lonely at times, that’s why LGP leverages our diverse community of talented editors, illustrators, designers, marketers, and printers to bring your story to life. Creative collaboration is a win-win: our team provides support and unique insights, while also showcasing their skills inside and outside of our projects.


Thoughts on the LGP Experience

Joining the LGP family is one of the best decisions I've made. I was looking for a publisher that would give my work the attention it deserved and not treat me like a token. Last Gen Publishing did just that, and more. They took the time needed to truly understood how my culture and experiences helped shape my vision for this project. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Aura BrooksWriter

I've always felt that my experiences as a person of color were underrepresented in the publishing industry, but Last Gen Publishing helped me to tell my story in a way that felt authentic and true to who I am. They made the publishing process easy and stress-free. I couldn't be more grateful.

Eve CrawfordCreator

Working with LGP was such a joy. I really felt like our voice was heard which made it easy for us to execute our vision. Not only is the team mission-driven, but they are meticulous in their execution. Quality is never sacrificed. They cared about the final product as much as I did, providing support every step of the way. Shoutout to JB, Shamard, and the entire leadership team. I couldn't be happier and look forward to working with y'all in the future.

Teferi BoltonAuthor, Professional Creator

When you partner with LGP you’re joining a family. From courses to creative think tanks and cohorts — support, growth and creative freedom are not only emphasized but encouraged. Creating great work — in your own voice, regardless of your experience or time frame — makes working with LGP both fun and rewarding.

Brittany StevensonArtist

Leading the Charge

Jonathan Beauford

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Management (Projects and Talent), Publishing, Logistics, Marketing

Kelley Beauford

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

IT/software, Programming and Events, Talent Acquisition

Mae-Domenica Beauford Barrett

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Market and Product Research, Talent Support, President: Family & Children's Division

Dr. Shamard Charles, MD-MPH

Co-founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Product Design, Branding, Content Creation,
Strategic Planning

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


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