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Silence Would be Indefensible

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Opinion: "I just want to encourage you, my little corner of the internet, to not grow weary in fighting injustice wherever and whenever you see it."  Loyal readers (my three...

The Legacy of Dr. Paul Farmer

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OPINION: The infectious disease specialist—a fierce champion of health equity whose work spanned from Haiti to Rwanda—was an example that one person can make a difference, but also a reminder...

Want a Healthier Black America? Cancel Student Debt

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OPINION: Not canceling student loan debt for Black Americans is crushing our hopes and dreams and any chance at becoming a healthier community. Growing up you were likely sold the...
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Unlocking Your Writing Potential in the New Year

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Achievable Resolutions for Aspiring Authors Welcome to a brand new chapter! As we step into the dawn of another year, it’s the perfect time for aspiring authors to set forth…

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