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"When we are creating a shared history, what we remember is just as revelatory as what we forget." — Ibram X. Kendi



"I was raised to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism. And that’s how I operate my life." – Oprah Winfrey



"Sometimes being a good ally is about opening the door for someone instead of insisting that your voice is the only one that matters." — Mikki Kendall


LGP invests in creators of color – from all walks of life and experience levels – providing the guidance, structure, and creative control necessary to be successful. Dare to be different, choose LGP.

Our Services


Writing can be a lonely process that’s why we help all authors, including first time authors, with story-boarding, transcription, and manuscript creation.


We offer in-house copy and developmental editing from start to finish, even for authors who have a completed manuscript.


We design the highest quality products and use a tried and true marketing and distribution plan to get your books into the hands that need it most.


We deploy full scale marketing campaigns that highlight the interests of your target audience, sells books, and builds your brand.

Cloud Hosting

All authors will have their work hosted on the LGP website in perpetuity. You can always find your work here.

Research, SEO Optimization, and Distribution

We gather and follow the data to better help your book climb the internet charts.

Working with the best

Our team of writers, editors, and designers are second to none; We NEVER sacrifice quality.

Building your brand

We believe in building up each member of the LGP family personally and professionally. As a member of our family you will receive end-to-end support from our team, partner organizations, and fellow creatives.

Price Transparency

LGP is a mission-based company. We believe in full price transparency, that means no surprise bills or sudden up-charging.

Project availability

We take your requests very seriously. Someone from our team will respond within 7 business days upon submission of your application.


If our mission, scope of work, or packages are of interest to you fill out our LGP services form or send inquiries to

Full Service PackageMost Popular

$ 12,500

One-time payment
  • Complete end-to-end publishing service combining traditionally disaggregated process including writing, editing, and selling.
  • Access to full suite of LGP services, including design, web-hosting, and creation of supplemental materials/products.
  • Discounted marketing and distribution package add-ons.
  • Application required (fee-waived)
  • *Price may vary based on scope of project
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LGP Publishing ProgramSecond most popular

$ 4000-8000

based on project
  • Premium 5-month program with dedicated client manager
  • Format manuscript for print (turning your vision into reality)
  • Access to full suite of LGP services (including editing, formatting, and design)
  • Minimal upfront costs; Publishing balance made up via presales
  • Application required ($110 application fee)
  • *Price may vary based on scope of project
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Writing Accelerator Program

$ ~2000

based on project
  • Storyboarding and outlining
  • Expert writing tips and best practices
  • Transcription services
  • Developmental editing
  • Access to a writing coach and author development resources
  • Goal: completed manuscript by end of the program
  • Application required ($110, rolling admissions)
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based on project
  • We help you sell your fully published work based on an agreed upon royalty partnership
  • Complimentary review of current marketing strategy
  • Thorough review of book & associated products by LGP team
  • Application required
  • One time $250 web-hosting fee
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A la carte


based on project
  • Transcription & writing (blank page to manuscript) – $3,000 (~100 pages)
  • Editing (Copy – $.04/word; Developmental – $.08/word)
  • Publishing manuscript – $5000-$8000
  • Manuscript review – $250/25k words
  • Accountability checkins –  3 booster session package
  • Distribution package – price based on scope of project
  • Gen consultation – $110/30min
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Our Team

Jonathan Beauford, MBA


Dr. Shamard Charles, MD-MPH


Kimberly Manley

Chief of Staff

Kelley Beauford


Domenica Beauford Barrett, MS-TESOL


Vanessa Decembre, MBA

Head of Business Operations

Word on the Street

I am so impressed with the work of Last Gen Publishing. They have a clear vision for the future of publishing, and they are committed to publishing books that are both well-written and socially relevant. I was particularly impressed with their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and I believe that they are making a real difference in the world.

Christina V.

I literally could not be happier that I chose to work with LGP! Your regular updates and superb attention to detail blows me away every time!

Edwin C.

Amazing work by people who look, talk, and act like me!

Belinda M.

Seeing Is Believing

New Releases

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We Blog Too

We don’t hold our tongue at LGP – that’s why our blog is a staple of what we do – but we’re also humble enough to admit that we don’t know it all. That’s why LGP wants to hear what you have to say. Pitch a topic or your talent. Pitches will be evaluated for timeliness, relevancy, and impact.

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