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We produce and distribute, at scale, the work of a variety of creators of color — from writers, editors, and designers to illustrators, photographers, and visual artists.

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Make Yourself at Home

Chef Janae Royston shares her favorite recipes inspired by her multicultural upbringing as the oldest child in a military family. While Janae began cooking for her siblings at the age of 8, her love of learning about different foods and international cuisine persisted long into adulthood as she continued to travel the world. With dishes like Coconut Curry Salmon and Brandy & Brioche French Toast, Janae shows that making delicious food from around the globe doesn’t have to be complicated. Written and photographed in her own home, Janae invites you to learn how to shop seasonally, prepare meals easily, and entertain guests with fresh and comforting home-cooked dishes. This book is for anyone who wants to cook fun and delicious meals, even if you’re not a practiced chef.

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Men of the State

Anthony’s life was fixed on breaking the chains of family and societal trauma. He found meaning and purpose in his life as an educator and activist. That was until he became a father. Anthony finds himself trapped in the New York State juvenile prison system as a means to provide for his new family. His dedication to being a freedom fighter is lost along with his sense of self, his relationships, and his career. Losing himself emotionally, spiritually, and physically, Anthony struggles to stay alive as he swims in the toxic masculinity he swore to leave behind. In this realistic fictional drama, author B. A Liberatore interrogates frameworks of manhood and the confinements that induce internal turmoil the modern man faces.

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Black Citizens Changemakers Vol. 1

Black Citizen, a social impact startup born out of a desire to attain justice and equality for Black people living in the Bay Area, follows five Changemakers – Bay Area community organizers and their efforts to transform their local communities. This book contains stories and vivid photography, illuminating the power of activism, community organizing, wealth building, and the preservation of Black life. All publisher profits from the sale of this book directly fund the Black Citizen 501(c)3.

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The Delicious Dilemma

Jade is a passionate student in a tricky situation. A classroom activity forces her to choose one food dish that represents her culture–but she has so many! Jade faces this delicious dilemma and shows the power of being proud of who you are and speaking up for yourself. Turn the pages to celebrate the richness in multicultural heritage and family love through cooking!

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(EBook) How to Write and Publish EBooks

The internet and modernization of the self-publishing process have made it easier than ever to become an author. Publishing ebooks are a great way to share your wisdom on a practical topic and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. This step-by-step guide takes you from blank page to published author!

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(EBook) How to Write Online Content Like a Pro

Running a blog, website, or social media account requires you to regularly write and post content. Inside this ebook you will find a compilation of 25 writing tips which have been designed to help you become a better online writer. Just implement one writing tip per week to improve your style, writing techniques, creativity and the amount of content you create.

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LastGenMedia: "Workin' Progress"

LastGenMedia is the digital branch of LastGenPublishing that produces and curates video/photo content for online platforms. Our YouTube channel will feature original shows, web-series, and inspirational clips all targeting professionals of color.

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Change Makers: Cohort 2

In partnership with Black Citizen, we’re now bringing our publishing services to cohorts of community leaders to help them establish themselves as authorities within their fields, to be seen as thought leaders, and to amplify their work and their wisdom in a way that expands its impact.

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